Friday, August 15, 2008

Dollhouse Orphan

This is my newest acquisition - I found this house at my local thrift shop. A couple of weeks ago I stopped by - I have found that thrift stores are a great resource for miniatures. You never know what you will find. Anyway on my first visit I was in a hurry so I didn't spend too much time except to note that the house was there. Also it was priced a little more than I wanted to pay - after all it is called "bargin shopping."

Anyway on my second visit this little forlorn house was priced at $6.99 - so of course I felt it must follow me home. It was poorly put together with hot glue. For future information for you newbies, NEVER use hot glue to put a dollhouse together - especially in Arizona. Besides the glue looking gloppy, it is not permanent. Because it was in the car for several hours before I could get it home, the seams loosened, they would certainly not hold up to any type of use or decoration so it will have to be reglued.

Duracraft San Franciscan Dollhouse 550 - Part One

I purchased this dollhouse several years (I'm not saying how many) ago and finally decided to put it together. After all how hard could it be? Well putting it together was not hard, time consuming but not hard. As with any project however, there is learning curve. I dove in with both feet as usual, collecting books, etc.; I also discovered a huge resource in Ebay.
I really had no idea the magnitude of the world of miniatures. It is so much more than little house that kids play with - a lot of them are not for playing with at all.
Once I got into it I was hooked - it can be all consuming and don't get me started on the money! Anyway I didn't take pictures of the unassembled house, but here are some "unfinished" pictures. Along the road to completion.