Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Next Project

I haven't finished my batik quilt, but I needed a break from stitching the top, something small that I can sew in a weekend or so. I have quite a bit of what I call scraps, pieces of fabric less than 1/4 yard, some even smaller, pieces left from previous projects; I have a hard time throwing any fabric no matter how small away - I just know that I will find something I can make with it. So, here's my next project - it is a brick pattern quilt. as the name implies uniform blocks (rectangles) are sewn side by side, the next row of blocks are offset (indented) about 1/2 the size of the 1st block, the next row of blocks are positioned the same as the 1st row. You continue adding rows until your quilt is as large as you want. I used my Accuquilt Go to cut the blocks so they are all 3-1/2 x 6. Everytime I used the Go I fall more in love with it - it makes cutting sooooo much easier and faster, which I think is great because the sooner I get the cutting done the sooner I can get to the part I like best, putting it together!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wedding Gift

A very dear friend of mine Debbie's daughter got married in June, I was unsure of exactly what to give the couple as a gift. I decided on napkins and a tablecloth (do people even use cloth napkins anymore)? I Monogrammed their initial on the corner.

Yes, Another Quilt

This is the 1st quilt I have ever sewn using a quilting pattern. I mostly followed the pattern, I used my "Go" which is a machine which cuts fabric pieces using a die - this is cool because every piece will be the exact same size something I could never accomplish using my rotary cutter. Anyway why I said that I mostly followed the pattern is because the die for the Go was 5 inches and the pattern required 5-1/2 inches, and believe me 1/2 inch does make a difference. I used batik "fat quarter" pieces, again the pattern called for 12 fat quarters, I used 20 - so my quilt is larger than the pattern.

I stitched the design on the top of the quilt using my Brother embroidery machine - it has some built in quilting designs but I purchased these online.

As you can tell I am not quite finished stitching the design on the top - this will take a long time; you have to hoop the quilt, stitch the design, remove the hoop, move to the next spot, rehoop . . . well you get the picture. I can only stitch a 5x7 space at a time, actually the design is 5x5 - total size of the quilt is equivalent to a twin-sized bed. So now you understand why I will be at this for awhile.