Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More about the San Franciscan

I finished the San Franciscan some time ago but I just hadn't got around to adding the pictures and photos to my blog. This is the front of the house. It is a two story with a small attic space that I have yet to furnish. Most attics just have stuff for storage in them anyway.

This is the sewing room. I had a ball creating little folded sweaters and shirts. I also made some fabric bolts and rolls because what sewing room would be complete without fabric. The clothes I found in the scrapbook section of Joann's it was a bear trying to get the glue off the back of the clothes - they were originally made to embellish cards.

Here's the bathroom, it is a pretty small room although I tried to cram as much stuff in it as possible. I am really proud of myself - I even made toilet tissue rolls and towels. Sometimes my "tiny" mind comes in handy.

The living room in next. I purchased the house mostly finished, but it was missing the doors, part of the roof and a couple of windows. I am proud of the doors - it took me some time because I had never worked with miniatures before and I had to think "miniature" but I created some reasonably nice doors. They even work.

Next is the kitchen. I think I had the most fun with the kitchen. I found a miniature fridge at Hallmark, originally a tree ornament it is just the right size for my house. It is really cool - when you open the door the light comes on. That is the bad thing about the photos - most everything opens and just like a full size house you put things in the draws and cabinets - but only the little people who live in the house ever see them. If you ever come and visit just know that there are dishes in the cabinets, silverware in the drawers, and clothes to be folded in the dryer.

Last at least for these pictures, there are more rooms, but they are unfinished (the little people need a place to sleep) is the dining room.

I created and framed all of the artwork in the house. It reminded me of when our family owned an art gallery. As a matter of fact I used the tear sheets to create the artwork and a miter box to cut the frames.

The room is set up for a holiday dinner complete with turkey. The best china is on the table and the extras are stored in the china cabinet in case more company stops by. I hope you enjoy looking at the house at least as much as I did creating and decorating it.

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