Wednesday, April 4, 2012

(used with permission)

I think I must have been hiding under a rock, or perhaps just busy with life. Anyway, there has been a battle between Kate Spain, C&T Publishing, and an author Emily Cier.

I'm not going to try and repeat everything that can be found just by Googling any of the above. I am going to link to a couple of sites with some very insightful comments.

I haven't really made up my mind about the whole thing. I have been swinging from one side to the other. I have to remind myself that everyone has their own opinion, this usually does not include owning up to their own faults.

Copyright is not new to me, my husband and I owned a art gallery; let me tell you artists can get downright testy if they feel their copyright has been infringed upon (rightly or wrongly).

Anyway, my feeling is that if there is a possibly that the fabric/pattern designer will have a problem with what I do with the fabric/pattern they designed I will just not use that pattern/fabric. One thing I know after 30+ years of sewing, there is always more fabric!

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