Thursday, December 26, 2013

What the Heck is a Mug Rug?

I have discovered a new passion. This one is great because it uses up my scraps (I have a LOT of them) and they are very quick to make. They also make a big impact. In need of a quick gift? Add a mug a snack or two and a mug rug. Voila!

Here some of the first samples I made.

See what I mean about fabric scraps? The largest piece is just 4x6. It's also a good way to get rid of batting scraps. A quilter never wants to throw anything away. You never know when you will need it. Even scraps as small as 2x2 (you can always make a scrap quilt).

Here is a good definition of exactly what a mug rug is:

“A small, mini quilt that is mostly there to look pretty on your desk and soak up drips and condensation, larger than a coaster, but smaller than a place mat. Just the right size for a drink, spoon and perhaps a little snack.”  

There is such a craze that there are mug rug swaps - seamstresses and quilters make mug rugs and then "swap" them to other seamstresses and quilters.

Several years ago, new to machine embroidery, I sewed a test sample of the design before I stitched the final design on my project. I put the samples in a box. I discovered that I could combine some of these samples with my mug rugs. Here is a set I used with sample dragons.

The more I make, the more I like them. So, Off to make more!

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Carole Beath said...

These are beauties, Yvonne. I am going to tackle making one today. Takes me a while to get over the newbie jitters when I start a new embroidery project but by golly, I am gonna do it. TODAY. Love your stuff.