Sunday, May 25, 2014

Anatomy of a Memory Quilt Part 2

The first thing I do when starting a memory quilt is to try and figure out what the middle will look like. My first memory quilts were really simple, I just stitched blocks of the same size together. After my parents quilt where all the pictures were all over the quilt, I decided that having the pictures just along the borders worked better. I could either quilt or have the center quilted using a long arm machine, and "stitch in the ditch" around the photos. This is faster, more professional looking and stands up better.

As I became more proficient, I have used different blocks and preprinted panels for the center of the quilt. Still adding the photos just along the edge. For this quilt I decided to cut strips of fabric, sew them together to create a block called a pinwheel. There is another type of pinwheel which uses half square triangles, but these will use triangles.

I cut the fabric into 2-1/2 inch strips and sew a light and dark strips together. A medium sized quilt will usually need from 30 to 60 strips. 

After the strips are sewn together they are pressed open and cut into blocks. Depending on the size I can usually get four or five blocks out of each strip.

Four of the same fabric blocks are sew together to make larger blocks. When complete the larger blocks are about six inches. The six inch blocks are then sewn together to make the middle of the quilt.

At this point I decide if I like the size of the quilt or if I need to add more blocks. The center of this quilt measures 36x36. I added 4 inch sashing around the quilt. Next step, the half-square triangle border.

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