Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Like many crafters my workroom is usually a mess. I have been trying for years to organize it. At least a couple of times a year I clean, declutter and give away things that I do not need or haven't used. It stays "cleaned and organized" until my next project.

This year after I attended the annual craft festival I discovered some fabric organizers.

Previously my fabric was stored in Rubbermaid containers and plastic bags. Good for storage but bad if you ever want to find anything; the fabric was just stacked, I could never see the fabric on the bottom of the pile unless I wanted to empty the container. So mostly I just went out and purchased more fabric. My resolution for 2012 is to use more of my stored fabric to do that I have to see the fabric I have available.

Here's some before and after pictures, ( I have a lot more fabric, this is just some of it). I'm happy with the way the organization came out. I found types and themes of fabric I did not even remember buying. I will still have to purchase fabric to complete projects but hopefully I'll get to use more of my stash.

Before . . .

After, yea! Look how pretty (lol).Hopefully I can keep it this way and find what I'm looking for without destroying everything I just organized. When I was wrapping the fabric around the boards, I got a little frightened I had no idea just how much fabric I had. It was an eye opener, and so far for 2012 I have not purchased any fabric; of course before I get too excited, I haven't really started any new projects either.

The small containers hold "fat quarters" and fabric 1 yard or less - I had at least a hundred of them, in different places so I didn't realize how much I had; I filled 6 containers.

I still had to use one of the Rubbermaid containers for my fleece and some of the other really large pieces of fabric and I have more fabric stored in another room, but this is a start.

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