Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New Quilts

At the beginning of the year I joined a challenge that was supposed to help you finish UFO (unfinished objects). I listed 12 items, so far I have finished about 7. Which is pretty good considering everything that has happened this year.

Here are three of my finished projects for 2016.

This is quilt I call Pluses. It is made up of 5" (charm) blocks. 5 charms make up the block, they sort of meander over the face of the quilt. The background is light green. This wasn't really a UFO because I started and completed this quilt this year.

This is a quilt I call Yin and Yang. The center blocks are strip pieced. It took so long to piece them that I only made four. Then because I really don't like small quilts, I started adding borders to increase the size.

The final size is smaller than I usually like my quilts, a little larger than a table runner.

This quilt was started several years ago. I purchased a book on the Underground Railroad. As the story goes quilts/quilt blocks were used to help runaway slaves. There is a big controversy and several books debating the validity of the claim. I am not going to get into the middle of the argument, I just like the blocks and because I created the quilt I get to name it what I want so . . .

This is my Underground Railroad Sampler. Not all of the blocks were actually the URR blocks, some are just extra blocks I had that fit.

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